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Returns and Replacement Items

Due to health public concerns, many states REQUIRE that harmonicas and other mouthblown instruments be returned directly to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. If the harmonica is damaged or sent you and is not working correctly, otherwise we can NOT take back any harmonica, even if you ordered the wrong key or wrong harmonica or just simply do not like it, the only way you can send back a harmonica is if it has a manufacturer defect. In order to abide by state law, we at Harmonicas & Stuff respect and strictly abide by this policy. If a product purchased from Harmonicas & Stuff requires replacement or repair the following contact information may be used:

Hohner: (804) 515-1900
Lee Oskar: (425) 844-9889
Suzuki: (858) 566-9710
Hering USA: (305) 358-0004

If the item in question does not meet these criteria, please contact Harmonicas & Stuff either by e-mail helenb@harmonicasandstuff.com or by phone at (888) 802-Harp(4277) and I will make the necessary arrangements.

Authorized Returns:

All authorized returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Sales Tax

Under current state sales law, purchases from Harmonicas & Stuff that occur within the state of Indiana, are shipped to an address within Indiana, or are made using a credit card or account with a billing address within Indiana are responsible for sales tax.

All purchases that do not meet this criteria are exempt from sales tax.

Payment Options

Harmonicas & Stuff accepts payment from Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Money orders and personal checks. Credit card orders may be placed through this website and will be fulfilled upon completion of the order. Alternatively, orders may be placed by phone, Email or letter.

ALL ORDERS REQUIRE A PHONE NUMBER. If a valid phone number is not provided the order can not be processed.

Telephone Orders

In the event an order is placed by phone, the following information wail be required to complete the order: Item name, Item number, Your name, the shipping address, the credit card to be billed and its expiration date, or the checking account and bank routing numbers, the billing address, amount due, and a valid contact phone number.

Email and Standard Mail Orders

Please include your name, Address, Telephone Number, Order item information, number of items and the amount due plus shipping and handling and any applicable taxes. For standard mail orders please include either a check or money order for this amount. For Email orders DO NOT include any credit card or account information. Simply include the necessary order and contact information and Harmonicas & Stuff will respond to finalize the order.