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The Legendary Pignose Amplifier 7-100

The Legendary Pignose Amplifier  7-100
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The Legendary Pignose The Pignose Amplifier is the answer to the worldwide demand for a high quality, econimical and completely portable amplifier. It's Powered by six penlight battieries or by an AC/9volt converter(not included) which can be stored inside the amplifier case. It's a Practice Amp, with Pignose anywhere you practice (Hotel Room, Garage, Limo, Kitchen, Dressing Room or A place in the Park) becomes Your rehearsal Hall. It is also a Performing Amp, The Pignose sound has proved so desirable that it now appears in Live Perfromance. It's A Sudio Amp, if there's a situation where sound is critical, It's in the studio. That is where Pignose will really surprise you. ANY Instrument you can Amplify, You can play through a Pignose, including your own voice. Weights only 5lbs
Price: $ 89.95

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