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We offer the full line of Hohner chromatic harmonicas Each single hole contains four reeds; a blow reed and a draw reed for two natural notes as well as a blow reed and a draw reed for two Chromatic notes. A side sliding button is pushed to activate the Chromatic notes, which closes off the airflow from one set of reeds and enables the other set to vibrate. such as the CX-12, the CX-12 Gold model, the 270 and 270 Deluxe harmonica, the Super 64 7582, the Super 64X 7584 and the Super 64 7582 and the Discovery 48 and many more. Choose your favorite hohner chromatic harmonica today! The hohner chromatic line are some of the best chromatic harps and with so many choices and great prices why not try one today!


    Hohner CX-12 7545 Chromatic harmonica one of the best selling models.Easily removable, fast action, low noise slide. A revolutionary one-piece casing and mouthpiece design makes this harmonica extremely air tight.The black model is available in the keys of D, Eb, E, F, G, A, Bb, B, C and C Tenor.
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    Hohner CX-12 7545:

    $ 217.88

    Hohner Chromonica 270 harmonica Choice of the world's leading Harmonica artists, the solo tuned Super Chromonica has a three octave chromatic range beginning at middle C. Contains 48 reeds, fitted with special wind saving valves. The precision crafted pearwood comb is optimized for superior reed response over its complete range, from the mellow low octave to the bright and clear top octave
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    Hohner Super Chromonica 270:

    $ 183.88

    Hohner 64 Chromonica 280 harmonica great instrument for a great playing.The 64 Chromonica is preferred by professionals and semi-professionals for it's excellent reed response and bright tone over all four octaves. It features an extra octave in the lower register (below middle C), which makes it possible to play advanced repertoire.
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    $ 263.88

    Hohner Super 64 Chromonica 7582 harmonica Silver-plated mouthpiece!Super 64 Chromonica is similar in construction and specifications to the 280 model. The Super 64 Harmonica features a silver-plated mouthpiece for smooth action and an enclosed stainless steel cover design that provides a warm, resonant tone.
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    $ 299.99

    Hohner Super 64X 7584 harmonica A top quality chromatic for professional use. Increased volume due to double reed plates in the lower 2 octaves. Handmade by using the finest materials: Injection moulded perspex comb, gold plated mouthpiece, black coated covers.
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    $ 459.99

    Hohner Amadeus Chromatic harmonica 7544 one of hohner finest harmonicas.luxurious chromatic for professional use, developed in cooperation with the Italian chromatic virtuoso Willi Burger. The combination of a polished CNC milled acrylic body, a gold plated mouthpiece and extra thick reed plates gives a touch of exclusiveness to this elegantly styled harmonica.
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    $ 1,599.99

    Hohner Meisterklasse Chromatic Harmonica 7565 of the finest harps in the Hohner line.This fine 14-hole chromatic instrument features a milled aluminum body, precision engineered quiet slide and chrome-plated covers and mouthpiece. Excellent response -- coupled with a bright, strong, unique tone -- enables the Meisterklasse to shine in any musical setting.
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    $ 658.88